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Aaron Metals Company, founded in 1976 by Paul Forkash and owned and operated by the Forkash family since, stands as one of the largest California licensed non-ferrous metal recyclers, proudly servicing the Greater Bay Area. Our core advantage is purchasing bulk volumes of non-ferrous scrap metal materials from various manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and project sites. With Aaron Metals’ primary focus being non-ferrous metals, we are uniquely positioned to offer the most competitive rates for these materials.


If your company seeks the easiest and most efficient method of metal recycling, our free container service provides a simple solution. We offer standard-sized roll-off containers, perfect for any facility or project site. Alternatively, for enhanced maneuverability, we provide bins in various smaller sizes, starting from our smallest at 4'x4'x4'. The best part is that all of our containers and bins come entirely free, including delivery, pickup, exchange, and transportation. We take care of the metal sorting process at no additional charge. To determine the most suitable container or bin size for your needs, please refer to our sizing chart which can be found in our new and existing client forms below.


We kindly request our industrial partners have access to or possess a forklift for unloading empty bins from our trucks and loading full bins back on, except for the roll-off containers, which our trucks handle entirely, from drop-off to pick-up.


Among our range of services, we have the capability to perform “live loads,” a popular option for our industrial clients dealing with large volumes or large objects with quick turnarounds or deadlines. With this service, we arrive promptly to receive the materials and transport them the same day for processing and, consequently, payment. You will never have to worry about leaving materials overnight or ensuring a secured space on your job site.


Experience the boost in your revenue from non-ferrous scrap metal sales by becoming an industrial or commercial client of Aaron Metals Company. Simply fill out the form below, and our dedicated team will help you quickly get enrolled so we can get your service scheduled promptly.

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Industrial  Account  Services

New clients interested in being serviced by Aaron Metals Company, click below to fill out our intake form and one of our agents will follow up with you promptly.

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